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After 8 years of constant development based on Hungarian and European experiences
We proudly present:

SB (alias Silent Bob)
Sentinel Pager

product group with GPS location identification, operating on mobile phone application basis.

The first model of item No. 001, manufactured in 2003 is still in use in a 2001 Yamaha R6 – with no malfunction at all!

Item No. 002, manufactured in 2003 has run 150 000 km under the tank of a 2005 BMW R1150GS, also travelling around the Mediterranean Sea – with absolutely no failure at all!

Thousands of devices sold in Hungary are built in cars, and dozens of them are operating in Romania.

GSM pager – What is it?

GSM pager = is an event notification device, operating on mobile phone basis, with the aim to protect your car, motorcycle, ship, machine or any other vehicle or property.

The device calls the owner in case of big trouble with the car. So it’s not the siren and the people nearby that are expected to watch for your precious one. It’s simply not their task. In fact, the sound of the car alarm siren is part of the everyday background noise we don’t even pay attention to.
Even in the case when sitting in the cinema, the displayed phone numbers, and the custom ringtone let you know that something is happening out there with your car, and if you fail to get there in time, there is still the possibility to intervene with a text message, or you can find your vehicle based on GPS position. GPS coordinates can be requested to 5 meter accuracy




GSM Pager